I love this project and so excited it was featured in Big Sky Journal Home! Check out the full article here. Icon Interiors did an amazing job with the remodel - the space turned out beautiful and is full of character. Loved this shoot!

We just had to shoot this as a straight on shot - that light streaming in really added to the design. So pretty!
This room is gorgeous - the natural light flowing through is so relaxing and adds a beautiful, calming vibe. So good!
This swing is so much fun and I wanted to make sure it was front and center in at least one shot.
I love the mood of this bedroom. It was really important to capture all the design elements but also capture those amazing floor-to-ceiling windows!
This powder had to be a straight-on shot. I love the back wall and I wanted that to be the emphasis of the image. The sink is a pretty spectacular piece as well so I wanted to make sure it was front and center.
Cozy with character - I wanted to do a wide shot of this rec room to get the whole fun, funky feel.
Bunkrooms can be a tricky shot - but the Icon Interiors did such an amazing job fitting in 3 separate bunks while still making the space feel open and not congested.
This is such a cool space we couldn't complete the project without photographing it.
Again a straight-on shot was the way to go here - the bed was all we wanted to capture and looking at it straight-on was the best way to showcase the vibe.