A&E Design did an amazing job with this brewery - I love the open floorplan, the tall ceiling, and clean design. It was a blast to shoot and, of course, to enjoy a cold beer when we wrapped.

Architect - A&E Design

An overall shot of the dining and bar space was a must. We wanted to make sure to capture that back wall as it blends in with the rest of the space. And also show how open the floorplan is.
A tighter shot of the bar really has you focus on how cool and well designed it is.
We wanted to make sure we captured the outdoor space and how this open layout creates the perfect family brewery atmosphere.

We needed to capture a shot that really showed how high and open the ceilings are.  
Another big shot of the main space this time showing off the barrels in the brewing area.
I love the twilight shots - the tanks in the background with the dramatic sky just fit together so well.