Recently, my images were published in Big Sky Journal Magazine's Home Issue. I love shooting small and quaint, cozy cabins. I don't shoot them very often so when I get the opportunity I always take it! These aren't always the easiest spaces to shoot because the light can be a bit dark, but they are always fun and usually make really cozy images. One of my favorite spaces from this shoot was the loft. It was simple, had some beautiful craftsmanship and I could absolutely see myself enjoying a good book up there. Well done to Menno Peachey and the team at Peachey Construction with this beautiful, cozy cabin!

I just love the look of the cabins from the outside. Nothing is cozier than a custom log cabin in the woods!
The interiors were gorgeous - all custom wood and stonework.
Another shot of the amazing custom fireplace. Couldn't you just imagine yourself relaxing here?
Even though this was a small cabin the bathroom was still incredibly spacious - and I'm loving that tile!
One of my favorite shots of the shoot. There is just something really special about loft spaces. To get this shot I had to bring in my MegaMast Tripod and place it just in front of the fireplace to get back far enough to get the shot.