I love shooting stunning architecture - so much so that I have built a career around it.  The exterior of a home is what you first see when you walk in or even drive by.  The home needs to make a statement, whether it's a 10,000 square foot mansion or a small, quaint cabin.  I have photographed it all from the tops of mountains to the valleys braving the frigid Montana winters and keeping an eye out so no unwanted wildlife pays me a visit, ha!  And I love it!  I have the best job! Here are a couple of my favorite styles of mountain architecture I have had the pleasure to photograph.

Modern Design - Modern design is starting to take on a few different looks.  From Mountain modern to rustic modern, these homes have brought large windows, tall ceilings, open floorplans, and an overall stunning design.  

WKP - FC - Cochrane - LR-12.jpg
WKP - MadisonView - Final-16 - LR.jpg
701 Final-8 - LR.jpg
701 Final-9 - LR.jpg
WKP - SG7 - HR-10 - LR.jpg
WKP - YCRental - 723 - Exterior LR-4.jpg

Rustic Design - I love rustic homes - they have the feel of coziness, security, and usually a really fabulous fireplace to cozy up next to.  The stone craftsmanship mixed with the natural, rugged elements really puts the rustic home on the map.

WKP - CSA-THB - HR-12-LR.jpg
WKP - YCRealty - Enclave1B-15 - LR.jpg
WKP - YCRental - 45Andesite - LR-17.jpg
D5LA - 313 - LR-1.jpg
171 - 15 - LR.jpg
WKP - CSA - BigEZ-5-LR.jpg

Slopeside Design - What could get better than a home built on the side of a mountain looking over the fresh slopes?  These homes are designed with the adventurer in mind.  Usually with a stunning outdoor space - and of course, the quintessential hot tub.

WKP - YC Rental - Chalet 9 - LR-16.jpg
WKP - WSJ - 49547-9 - LR.jpg
Diduchs - Final - LR - 4.jpg
WKP - LA-PRG - AS859 - HR-7-LR.jpg
30 Constitution - LR-6.jpg